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SA Road Studs is a Subsidiary of The SA Group. Road studs play an essential role in the reinforcement of road line demarcation and are vital with assisting motorists to remain on the correct side of the road and not swaying into oncoming traffic. When a motorist goes over a road line with road studs there will be a change in motion as well as a warning sound (the motorist will feel as if they are going over small bumps and the noise will be similar to a ‘thunk’ when the wheel makes contact with the road stud).

These studs are usually used for highways and roads to demark border and center of the road. They are also used on driveways as border demarcation. The function of the road stud is to highlight the drivable or non-drivable areas of the road. They are used as lane dividers and road border indicating non-driving areas. These Studs are reflective so they are important tools for motorists to clearly see line demarcations at night or in low visibility scenarios.

Our Road Studs

SA Road Studs supplies both high quality cast aluminium reflective road studs and plastic reflective road studs. We supply and deliver to all regions in South Africa as well as surrounding countries.


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You can buy Parking Solution products direct from our online store. These products include Wheel Clamps, Convex Mirrors, Hemisphere Mirrors, Parking Stops and Parking Locks. 

SA Road Studs forms part of the SA Group of companies.

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We supply all types and this includes; Hoops and ringsspiral stands, staple-type stands as well as wall hung stands.

SA Road Studs supplies both high quality cast aluminium reflective road studs and plastic reflective road studs.

Bins for Africa supply bins, ashtrays, and benches. They supply concretesteel,wooden bins and recycling bins.

SA BOLLARD POSTS & RAILS  comprises of bollards that are interlinked to create a solid unit including hand rails, leg rails and walkway barriers thereby creating increased safety and visibility.

SA Wheelie Bins supply pole, plastic, wheelie and litter bins.

Information & Sales

Mobile:  +27 83 482 0204
Central Switchboard:  087 0572 722
International:  0027 21 201 7242

Regional Branch Numbers

Central Switchboard: 087 0572 722
Cape Town: 021 201 7242
Johannesburg: 010 593 0868
Pretoria: 012 942 9366
Durban: 031 940 7088
Port Elizabeth: 041 450 5288
Bloemfontein: 051 011 0287